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Game over man.

But not dead yet.


5.6.06 13:59

Major Malfunction

Ok, everything is back, but I dislike the interface. Ugh.
The move will occur momentary.

4.6.06 12:36

Dimming the passion

As you can see (or a matter of how frequent you read my blog), coherent, interesting content are fewer and fewer, now I have dropped to the point that I just report my activities for the day. The fire is long gone, only the warmth of fading embers continues my daily update. Need more fuel.

Also, as you also can see, the blog move doesn't kill off the blog, much to my dismay, I was hoping for a few days of rest and no blogging.

Because of work and fatigue day by day, I am beginning to feel that I no longer can mantain blogging daily. Not saying that the daily updating has ended, after the move and perhaps converting to version 3, then see how.

Anyway, time for a pointless survey.

Name 3 things that you think are beautiful.

Music, Happiness and Beauty itself.

Admit something. Anything.

There's a reason why I like to pick "Chun-Li" in Street Fighters all the time. *ahem*

If you could take back one thing you've said in your life, what would it be?

I was hoping for a punch or test of reflex, not a downwards sprial.

Main Course
What symbol would best represent your personality?

According to a personality test, this or this represents me best.

Choose a free gift: a daily back massage, dinner at a restaurant twice per week, or a brand new book twice per month.

Dinner, if it last forever.

Postscript: I think Hitman Blood Money box art is cool.

Today I...

think Subdivision modelling is easier than NURBS.

2.6.06 14:50

Hope this works

Postscript: No it doesn't.

Today I...

didn't plan to blog, and so no post. The blog service move is today and tml, so expect very little activity from here for these 2 days.

1.6.06 12:05

Personal Opinion: Waist deep in corniness

X-men 3: The Last Stand Mini-review
Verdict: 2/5
Watch it for:
Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser), Special Effects, Magneto 0wning Scene (TM), "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!" meme reference.

Don't watch it for: Coherent story, "Shadowcat" screen time, memorable movie.

Though all the stuff of a mutant cure makes a very nice story, just that they HAD to kill off characters.

The Good: Story is an excellent piece of writing. Action sequences still got the punch, especially the one involving Magneto, but Phoenix is a little over exaggerated and over the top.  Action scenes fairly interesting and varied. Iceman.

The Bad: Wolverine's lines have no weight, an entire school of X-men yields a team of 6, you do the math. They killed *SPOILER*Cyclops and Professor X! All the curing business may be a good plot device, but don't hurt our favourite characters!

The Ugly: Rogue. No Gambit.

Summary: Low score because Cyclops and Jean Luc-Picard dies. Gambit would make a fine addition, and 'killing off' Mystique is the worst, idea, ever. Corny lines all over the place kills brain cells.

Postscript: Hope the blog service move is successful.

Today I...

Watched X-Men 3 with my poly friends. X-men 3 is the least favourite among the 3... =(

31.5.06 14:19

Alpha Omega

The 'worst' is over, as the first wave of assignments crashed against our feeble sleep and passed, leaving in its wake fatigue and perhaps a lesson to do the assignments well before the closing of due dates. A few lapping tsunamis still are pending, namely the Drawing assignment and not forgetting Visual Art Techniques assignment.

But now, my oriflamme with its tattered flags flapping high, heaven forfend, it be burnt by the next important thing coming up, Blog Service Move.

On June 2nd and 3rd, 20six (this service) will be moving to a new engine. Naturally it means a lot of things, mainly changes. This layout is to be forgotten, most of the images hosted by 20six destroyed.

This could be the end of version 2.5. I am continuing with version 3 back at Blogspot if I deem the change too much and inadequate for me. This also brings out the most longest running title I saved since the beginning of this blog, "Endgame", to be used when 2.5 is finally put into its archival grave.

If you see the bold words when the blog return, it is time to update your favourites.

I wished that everything here is saved, none of my old posts gone, for they are the last record of the kkyz old friends used to know in secondary school of how different I was.

It serves as a reminder, a chronological order of change, a remembrance of what was, and all the ingredients inbetween that made 3 years of the life of 'kkyz13'.

Postscript: And I greatly hope, this is the end, since 2.5 isn't really a nice number. I want to up the version and change my theme.

Today I...

wanted to type a post about MUSE, but that's for the 'housewarming' post of version 3.

30.5.06 10:55

Time Shortage

Tomorrow I got to hand in a Web Design assignment. The byproduct is completed, but the digestive track has to be documented, before it would just be glanced at, and tossed aside.

Documentations Required:
A 'sketchbook' of the concept development.
A Website documenting problems, developments and solutions.

Notice that development appear twice, which automatically mean that the 'sketchbook', can be classified redundant, but have to do it anyway, consisting of <10 loose sheets and 1 staple.

And now the pinch: This idiotic assignment have sapped away all my time that I can't even do casual drawing, less the minimal 5 I need to hand in tomorrow as well.

Can't be blogging for long, I got to find <10 loose sheets and 1 staple.

Postscript: Yahoo! Geocities PageBuilder, don't fail me.

Today I...

formally declare that I cheated mostly through everything in Web Design with the magic of ImageReady. If it is not allowed, state it clearly next time, because the assignment brief did not state that HTML coding should be done by hand, so I use the automated table generator from Geocities and ImageReady to cook up the code in less than 10 mins. I rather be cruising than figuring why my tables don't fit.

I am that smart.

29.5.06 11:04

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